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Prima Watercolour Confections Review

When I first started playing with watercolours as a hobby, I rooted out my super battered paints from high school. They were at least 10 years old, and looking back, hideous, but they did at least help me to realise how much I’d missed painting. After a couple of months I adopted the treatyo’self policy, and decided to order a new palette. But which one?! I’d seen several of the artists I followed on Instagram using Prima watercolour confections palettes, and fell in love with the jewel bright tones, and lets not lie, the adorable tins too...

I’m in the UK, and had to wait around 3 weeks for the palette to arrive, but it eventually turned up one morning, and within 10 minutes I was sold! Today I thought I’d talk you through some of my favourite highlights of the Prima watercolour confections. So why a Prima palette?


Prima’s watercolour confections palettes are like perfect little mood boards of colour, all tonally matched, so you can pick up one palette and know every colour you use will work with the rest. It takes the time out of colour mixing and checking your swatches match, and allows you to concentrate on playing with the colour!


Every confections palette comes with a blank swatch sheet, ready for you to fill in. Being able to see the colours at a glance is so useful, and again just speeds up colour based decisions having them with you at all times.


These palettes are so compact, just throw one in your bag with an aqua brush and sketchbook and you’re ready to paint on the go! They even have a little metal ring on the base of the tin to hook your thumb into and hold whilst working.


If you’re looking for rich, saturated pigment, look no further. Whether you choose the deep, luxe earth tones featured in ‘Odyssey’, or shimmery, soft ‘Pastel Dreams’, the quality and depth of pigment can always be relied on.

In short, for the price of the confections palettes, you really do get a stunning quality kit that has enough colour diversity to explore and develop technique, whilst being compact enough that you aren’t left feeling overwhelmed. A great addition for professionals and dabblers alike!

Prima palettes are available in the UK on Amazon.

What’s your verdict on the Prima range?! If you have any tips and tricks or burning questions you’d like to see answered, just let me know in the comments!

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