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Pink Pig Sketchbooks Review and Discount

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll probably have noticed that I have a favourite brand of sketchbooks, Pink Pig, that I rarely deviate from. I get asked about what I’m using all the time, so today I wanted to talk a bit more about the various types of sketchbook I work with, and how to choose the best style for your work.

As an ambassador for Pink Pig, I have been using their sketchbooks for around 18 months, however I discovered their sketchbooks much earlier. I decided I would love to work with them based on their exceptional quality, variety, and dedication to professional materials produced with the artist in mind. This post is not a paid advertisement, I just love their sketchbooks and wanted to tell you why!

Undeniably the most important aspect for most artists is the style and quality of the paper they’re using. I started off using Cartridge paper sketchbooks, to sketch out ideas and experiment more with my style and technique. As this developed, I experimented with the watercolour sketchbook range, and I now only use the cartridge paper for layout sketches. The quality and texture of the watercolour range is addictive, it is archival, designed for wet media, and actually fantastic value for money too! Here's a quick breakdown of the papers I use most often:


My go-to Sketchbook is the matte Ameleie range. At 270gsm, the thick paper never warps or kinks under the wet paint, and the matte texture is perfect for smaller, more detailed work, which I tend to lean to. Having less texture also makes this paper ideal for scanning your work, and is a huge plus for me as I often need to work with the designs digitally for clients.


This range is also available textured (cold pressed) and the texture is wonderful. I don’t tend to use it as frequently, as the texture as mentioned can interfere with scans, but for original pieces, I will always veer towards textured cardstock. It adds a luxe element, and is unbeatable when framed or displayed.


If you wanted to go all out on the texture front, Pink Pig’s Bockingford paper, 300gsm, is the heaviest in their range, and is produced from natural woolen felts that give it a rich, distinctive texture. If you’re looking to create work in a sketchbook with the intention of displaying, or selling it later, I’d recommend this or the textured Ameleie range.


All this to say, I do still use cartridge paper sketchbooks! I often need to create multiple layout options before starting the final piece, and they need to be detailed enough that I can see at a glance what works, so I’ll still add elements of watercolour to the sketches. The cartridge paper sketchbooks allow me to do this without using up valuable watercolour paper at twice the thickness, and they become record books of layout options, perfect for flicking through to get past a creative block!

You can visit the Pink Pig website and check out their full range here. For 10% off your entire order just follow the link above then just add my code Georgi10 at the checkout.

If you have any questions just drop me a comment below, and tell me which books you decided on too!

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